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THANK YOU to all of those who have helped out at the club this year. Thanks go to Jerry Measel and his grandsons for cutting the grass and keeping the club grounds looking their best. Thanks go to Tom Emerich for keeping the lawn mowers running and for all the general repairs made at the club. Thank you to Larry VanTiem for our electrical improvements and his work on updating the rules and regulation and the by-laws. Thank you to those who showed up to unload a semi truck load of clay targets last Spring. The clubhouse floor was completely stripped and waxed over a period of two days and thirty man hours -thank you!. If you are able to lend a helping hand or have a special talent the club could use, please make a notation on your dues renewal form. Right now we are looking for someone to finish the drywall/painting in the kitchen behind the sink. We love the extra help!

Dues - In this newsletter is a FORM to fill out and turn in when you pay your dues for 2023. Please fill it out even if nothing has changed or if you are a life member. Make sure we have your correct e-mail. Jerry Measel is our website/e-mail coordinator. He periodically sends out e-mails to inform members of current and upcoming events since our mailed newsletter is only once a year in the Fall. Make sure you check our website for the most current information. Click on ‘calendar’ at the top of the main page for dates of our events.

Toys for Tots has been our club charity for many years. Last year they helped over 1700 children in St. Clair County. Just to remind members that a $5 donation for each member is given each year to Toys for Tots. There is a collection box in the clubhouse if you would like to donate unwrapped new toys (baby through teens), stocking stuffers, children’s books (new or gently used), hygiene items, or cash. Legos, craft items, remote controlled toys, and Nerf toys are especially requested. We also sponsor Michigan United Conservation Club’s (MUCC) TRACKS magazine for elementary school children, cabin A-1 at the MUCC camp, and we were a sponsor for trophies for the 4H Fair shooting events this year. This past April we held our annual road clean-up on Carriage Lane and Rattle Run with the help of three of our members (we need more participation!) and six scouts and three mothers. We are chartering BSA (aka Boy Scouts) Troop 315. They are the first all female BSA troop in the county and use our club as a meeting place.

The club will be CLOSED TO SHOOTING on November 15th so our neighbors can have the best chance to get their deer on opening day. Since it is a Tuesday, there will be no trap shooting that day. Good luck to all our hunters!

Big reminder - *****NO SHOOTING BEFORE 9 AM*****  The pistol and rifle range is closed on Tuesdays after 4 pm in the warmer weather so the skeet field can be used safely!

If you haven’t already, please read our revised rules and regulations posted on our website. Meetings have been changed to the first Wednesday of the month only. The board meets at 7 pm and the general membership meeting is at 7:30 pm. Please come and give your input to decisions made at the club! Meetings generally only last a half hour.

Our biggest club improvement project this year was the building of a 24 x 32 foot pole barn. Thank you to Bill Furtaw, Bob Britz, and Tom Emerich for obtaining bids on the project. A HUGH thank you to Tom Emerich for preparing the building site and filling in with sand and gravel after the construction. Also many thanks to Larry VanTiem and his electrical crew for getting the wiring done. The building will house our ground maintenance items and archery targets. The old archery shed which is beyond repair will be torn down and some of the wood utilized on the rifle/pistol range.

Trap shooting happenings -  Many thanks go to John D’Antoni for running trap shooting on Tuesday nights. He keeps the machines well maintained and donates a lot of time teaching kids and adults how to shoot trap. Thank you to Lynn Rogers, Jill Measel, and Tracy Coverdill for running the kitchen during our hosting of the District 8 shoot and to those who kept score during the event.

2021 - 2022 Winter Trap League results:

1st Place - Tom Emerich (431 targets); 2nd Place - Bill Berger (429 targets); 3rd Place - Dave Solgot (417 targets); 4th Place - Walt Sved (406 targets); 5th Place - Steve Martin (402 targets). 

Grand Prize winner - Rupert.

Weekly Prize Winners - Rupert, Mike Pennazoli, John D’Antoni (2), Pat Klug (2), Dave LeCluyse, Bill Berger, Nancy Klug, and Tom Emerich

2022 District 8 (D-8) results:

2nd Place team points (21 points) and 3rd Place total birds (2063 targets) went to our Pine River #2 Team consisting of Marleen Bachand, Steve Martin, Sherry Martin, Dave Solgot, and John Coverdill. 

Tom Emerich : 4th Place League Top 10, and 2nd Place in the Veterans Division (438 targets)

John Coverdill: 1st Place in the Junior Division (419 targets)

Hunter LeCluyse: 1st Place in the Sub Junior Division (368 targets)

Brayden Kimberly: 2nd Place in the Sub Junior Division (353 targets)

Marleen Bachand: 2nd place in the Women's Division (401 targets)

Sherry Martin: 3rd place in the Women's Division (399 targets)

Mike Kliemann: 3rd Place in the Senior Veterans Division (412 targets)

James Gruben: 4th place in the  Sub Junior Division (283 targets)

Jerry Measel: 4th Place in the Veterans Division (412 targets)

Dave LeCluyse: 5th Place in the Veterans Division (403 targets)

Andrew LeCluyse: 6th Place in the Junior Division (288 targets)

Tim Cook: 6th Place in the Veterans Division (402 targets)

John D'antoni: 6th Place in the Senior Veteran Division (370 targets)

Warren Gruben: 7th Place in the Junior Division (283 targets)

Steve Ellery: 8th Place in the Veterans Division (358 targets)

Linda LeCluyse: 9th Place in the Women's Division (369 targets)

George Hamlin 10th Place in the Veterans Division (312 targets)

Congratulations shooters!

Pine River Youth Winter Trap League has started. It is open to youth shooters, both beginning and advanced. They shoot at the club a couple Sundays a month thru February. Shooters have the opportunity to earn patches through the NRA Shotgun Patch Program. Loaner shotguns are available for use. Remaining dates are as follows: November 6th, November 20th, December 4th, December 18th (Christmas Fun Shoot), January 8th, January 22nd, February 12th. Banquet is on February 26th. For further information, contact John D’Antoni at 810-794-3332.

The 2022-2023 Tuesday Winter Trap League will start December 6th. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the clubhouse. It is a good excuse to get out of the house and shoot this winter!

Our club is participating in the Six Club (now Seven Club) Winter Trap League. This takes place at rotating clubs on Sundays starting in January. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.

Skeet Shooting - The skeet field is open to shooting on Tuesdays during trap shooting, weather permitting. Thank you to Chris and Brayden Kimberley for keeping the houses stocked with targets and maintaining the field. They did a wonderful job edging the sidewalks and rebuilding the gun racks this year.

Archery - There are practice targets set up behind the skeet field high house. The archery group would still like to set up a shooting course in the woods, but there are a lot of trees and brush to be taken care of before this can happen. Give Mike Krul a call at 810-300-4674 for more information and to help out!

Pistol - The Spring pistol league happened this year thanks to Doug McIntosh with Larry VanTiem assisting. Check the website for the league happening in Spring of 2023.

Rifle - Thanks to Dan Lane for obtaining plywood and helping with the range. Remember to pick up after yourselves when done shooting to keep the range looking great!

CPL Classes - Give Dan Easterling a call at 810-329-2315 for dates the classes are offered.

CMP program - Our club is a member of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This enables club members to purchase retired military firearms and ammo at good prices. Contact Bob Britz at 810-329-9512 for more information.

We have Pine River Sportsman’s Club hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, patches, and decals for sale in the clubhouse.

Nominations of officers and board members will be held at the December 7, 2022 membership meeting at 7:30 pm. Elections will be at the January 4, 2023 membership meeting. Come on out and voice your opinions and support your club! If you would like to propose and run a club event such as a dinner or a shoot,  please come to a meeting and we will get you started.

CONTACT INFORMATION - If you have any problems or any questions:

President               Bill Furtaw 810-765-5279

Vice-President       Steve Ellery 810-329-7652

Secretary               Nancy Klug 810-841-0068

Treasurer               Mike Klug 810-841-3242

Trap/Youth Trap     John D’Antoni 810-794-3332

CPL Class              Dan Easterling 810-329-2315

Pistol                      Doug McIntosh 810-343-0433

Rifle                        Dan Lane 810-985-5781

Skeet                      Chris Kimberley 810-343-0070

Archery                   Mike Krul 810-650-8004

CMP                       Bob Britz 810-329-9512

Website                  Jerry Measel [email protected]

Board Members: Ross Acre, Marleen Bachand, Bob Britz, Tom Emerich, Chuck Jasmin,

  Dave Solgot, Larry VanTiem, Sean VanTiem, and Perry Wight