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It is time to thank all of those wonderful members who keep the club running smoothly. Big thanks go to Tom Emerich, Jerry Measel and his grandsons, along with Bill Furtaw for cutting the grass and keeping the grounds looking great! Thanks go to Larry VanTiem for our electrical repairs, Steve Ellery for cleaning the floors, and Tom Emerich for general repairs in the clubhouse and around the grounds. If you are able to help keep the club in good shape or have a special talent, please make a notation at the bottom of your dues renewal form. We can always use extra hands!

In this newsletter is a FORM to fill out and turn in when you pay your dues for 2022. Please fill it out even if nothing has changed or if you are a life member. Make sure we have your correct e-mail. Jerry Measel is our website/e-mail coordinator. He will send out e-mails to inform members of current and upcoming events since our newsletter is only once a year in the Fall. As always, you can check our website for the most current information. Click on the word ‘calendar’ at the top of the main page for dates of our events.

Toys for Tots has been our club charity for many years. Last year they helped over 2500 children in St. Clair County (up from 2100 the year before). Just to remind members that a $5 donation for each member is given each year to Toys for Tots. There is a collection box in the clubhouse if you would like to donate unwrapped new toys (baby through teen), stocking stuffers, children’s books (new or gently used), hygiene items, or cash. Remote controlled toys, legos, and craft kits are special requests from Toys for Tots this year. We also sponsor Michigan United Conservation Club’s (MUCC) Tracks magazine for elementary school children and were a sponsor for trophies for the 4H fair shooting events this year. This past Spring we held a road clean-up on Carriage Lane with the help of seven of our members and fifteen scouts and their families.

The club will be CLOSED TO SHOOTING on Sunday, November 14th and Monday, November 15th so our wonderful neighbors can have the best chance to get their deer! Good luck hunting!

There is no meeting on November 17th because of deer season.

Big reminder  -   *****NO SHOOTING BEFORE 10AM******   

This may change to 9 am per possible bylaw/rule changes effective January 1st. Attend a meeting or check the website for updated information. Pistol/rifle range is closed on Tuesdays after 5 pm in the summer so the skeet field can be used safely!

We have a committee in the process of updating our bylaws/rules lead by Larry VanTiem. Major changes include changing our meetings to one meeting a month on the first Wednesday of the month. The board will meet first at 7 pm and then the general membership will meet afterwards at 7:30 pm. No dogs will be allowed in the clubhouse and must be on a six foot leash outside. Thanks to Penny VanTiem for typing changes. Check the website for updates on these changes.


The pattern board by the north-west trap field is ONLY for patterning shotgun SHOT, NOT SLUGS!

A new cable (at a cost of almost $200.) to hold the target plywood boards on the rifle range was just installed this Fall and within two weeks it was shot in half! It is way above the target area so there almost no way it could be shot unless you are a really bad shot (in that case, please use common sense and move closer to the target). No one has come forward to let us know what happened. If this type of careless continues, we may be forced to have the range only open when there is a volunteer range officer present. Please keep your eyes open and contact a board member if you see something amiss.

There is a possibility that a WILD GAME DINNER may happen the third Sunday in March 2022, IF we get enough donations of wild game AND help with set-up, kitchen duties, and clean-up. There will be a sign up sheet posted in the club house. Contact Steve Ellery for more information.

Trap shooting happenings - The shooting fee for shooting a round of trap or sheet has been increased to $6 per non-member. Members remain at $4 per round. New carts were purchased and set up for our trap voice activated speakers and new control boxes were also purchased. Many thanks to John D’Antoni for setting up and running trap shooting every Tuesday!

2020 - 2021 Winter League results: 

First place - Bill Berger 467; Second place - Nancy Klug 449; Third place - Mike Klug 445; Fourth place - Paul 444;  Fifth place (tie) - Mark and Wayne 440.                          .

Grand prize winner - Bob Minor.   

Weekly prize winners - Mike Klieman, Jerry Measel, Linda LeCluyse, Sherry Martin, Tom Emerich x 2, Nancy Klug, Dwight, Alex, and Rupert.

2021 District 8 (D-8) results:   1st Place Total Birds (2063 targets) was won by Pine River Team #2 (Sherry Martin, Steve Martin, John Coverdill, Owen Wolosion, and Cy Wolosion).

3rd Place Total Points (20 points) was won by Pine River Team #5 (Mike Klieman, Steve Ellery, Tim Cook, Jerry Measel, and Tom Emerich). Congratulations!

Pine River Youth Winter Trap League has started. It is open to youth shooters, both beginning and advanced. They shoot at the club a couple Sundays a month thru February. Shooters have an opportunity to earn patches through the NRA Shotgun Patch Program. Loaner shotguns are available for use. Dates are as follows: November 7th, November 21, December 5th, December 19th (Christmas Fun Shoot), January 9th, January 16th, January 30th. Banquet is on February 13th. For further information, contact instructor John D’Antoni at 810-794-3332. 

This year’s trap shooting Winter League will begin on December 7th. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the clubhouse. All are welcome to shoot!

Our club will be participating in a Six Club Winter League. There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.

Skeet shooting - Skeet is open on Tuesdays during trap shooting, weather permitting. A big thank you to Chris and Brayden Kimberley for maintaining the skeet field!

Archery - There are practice targets set up by the skeet field. A few targets are also set up in the woods, where the old 3D course used to start. The archery group would like to set up a shooting  range in the woods. There are a lot downed trees and brush which needs to be taken care of in order to have a functioning 3D range. Lots of help is needed!!! Contact Mike Krul at 810-300-4674 for more information and to help out.

Pistol - The pistol league did not happen this year due to illnesses. Nothing is set up so far, but there may be a mini league next May. Check the website for current information.

Rifle - No events scheduled at this time. 

For CPL classes, call Dan Easterling at 810-329-2315 for dates the classes are offered.

Nominations of officers will be held at the December 15, 2021 membership meeting. Election of  officers will be held at the January 5, 2022 membership meeting. Come on out and voice your opinions and support your club!

CONTACT INFORMATION - If you have any problems with the club or questions:

President               Steve Ellery 810-329-7652

Vice-President       Bill Furtaw 810-765-5279

Secretary               Nancy Klug 810-329-4880   810-841-0068

Trap/Youth Trap     John D’Antoni 810-794-3332

CPL Class              Dan Easterling 810-329-2315

Pistol                      Chuck Bassil 810-300-1042

Rifle                       Dan Lane

Skeet                     Chris Kimberley

Archery                 Mike Krul 810-300-4674

CMP                      Bob Britz 810-329-9512

Website                Jerry Measel [email protected]

Board Members - Ross Acre, Marleen Bachand, Bob Britz, Chuck Jasmin, Ron Rhoades, Ruth Rhoades, Gary Robertson, Larry VanTiem, 

                              Sean VanTiem, and Perry Wight

Please share out website:

for updated information on club activities, calendars, pictures and upcoming events.