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2589 CARRIAGE LANE, P.O. BOX 73, ST. CLAIR, MI 48079

REVISED January 2018 

22 rules

1.    No Alcoholic beverages on the grounds at any time (District 8 Shoot excluded).


2.    Membership Dues; Dues are to be paid any time before the end of January.  If they are not paid by then you will be dropped from the active membership list.  There will                 be no notification by mail as to when they are due.  It is up to the individual member to get their dues paid on time.  The notice of the dues amount will be in the

       October/November newsletter.


3.    Old keys must be turned in first, before a member receives a new key.  The locks will be changed in January.  There is a limit of 325 regular members.  All others will be

       put on the waiting list until an opening occurs.  Wait list people are welcome to shoot when the Club is open and members are present, with most shooting events.  Keys

       are for members use only and cannot be loaned to anyone.


4.    Meetings:  Board Meeting - 1st Wednesday of the month / Membership Meeting 3rd Wednesday of the month – 7:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to

       attend.  This is your club and your input is important to us.  Please attend the meetings.


5.    The Club House will be open only during scheduled events.  The only members with keys to the Club House are the Executive Committee, i.e. President, Vice-President,

       Treasurer, Secretary, Trap Chairperson, Skeet Chairperson, Archery Chairperson, Rifle Chairperson, Pistol Chairperson and others as voted by the board.


6 .   Range fees for scheduled events:  Trap Range, Skeet Range, Rifle/Pistol Range and Archery Range will be a preset fee.


7.    Shoot Times:  Rifle/Pistol/Trap/Skeet Range – 10:00 a.m. until sunset (No shooting before 10:00 a.m.).  Trap Range and Skeet Range opens every Tuesday night from             6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. The Archery practice backstop in the woods is open all daylight hours except for Tuesday night; it will be closed along with the Rifle/Pistol                       Range.


8.    DO NOT SHOOT at support posts or benches on the Rifle/Pistol Range and NO CONTINUOUS RAPID FIRING of guns on the Rifle/Pistol Range.


9.   All rifles, muzzle loaders, handguns (pistols), air rifles and shotguns with slugs, buckshot, or shot sized 6.0 and larger must be shot on the Rifle/Pistol Range at the

      base of the backstop hill in the center of the target boards, with paper or cardboard targets only.  Use of shotguns with buckshot or shot should be limited to gun

      patterning only.


10.  No glass bottles, bowling pins, cans, etc. on the Rifle/Pistol Range or Archery practice backstop.  Clay targets are okay if hung near the middle of the target board away               from supports.


11.   Use of human silhouette targets is forbidden.  They can be used by authorized law enforcement agencies for training only and must be removed when finished.


12.   Rifle/Pistol Range time is limited to ½ hour per group when other members are waiting to shoot.  This gives every member a chance to use the range during peak

        periods of use.


13.   Rifle/Pistol Range is closed while Skeet field is in use.


14.   NO HUNTING is allowed on club property.


15.   No personal target throwing equipment on the Skeet or Rifle /Pistol Ranges.  Use the north-east Trap Range north of Club House only.


16.   The Archery practice backstop is located on the first target in the woods is not to be used when the Trap and Skeet Range is in use.  First come basis.  Archery practice                backstop range is closed during all Trap and Skeet Range  events.  No rifles, shotguns, or handguns are to be used on the Archery backstop (see rule # 9).


17.   No loading or handling of firearms behind an established firing line.  No horse play of any kind on the ranges. Children must be supervised to stay behind an                                  established firing line; best with 2nd adult present.


18.   CCW Classes close down the club grounds 10:00 a.m. to approximately 2:00 p.m. on pre-scheduled dates.  (Check newsletter calendar for dates – or check the



19.   All new members must have a rules orientation session before being issued a key.  You must attend a meeting or make other arrangements.


20.   Clean up after yourself.  Use the trash barrels provided by the club.  Always conduct yourself in a sportsman-like manner. Lock the gate behind you.


21.   A member found in violation of any of the above rules will have to appear before the board to explain circumstances.  Termination of membership could result. The

        club is security camera monitored.


22.  It is MANDATIORY that all shooters, scorers, and pullers wear eye and ear protection while shooting.  It is the responsibility of the parents/representatives of the club that

       the juniors and/or sub-juniors are wear proper safety protection while on the trap and skeet fields and rifle and pistol range as prescribed above.  Any

       shooter not adhering to this rule will not be allowed to shoot until they comply.



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